Did You Know?

  • Harris Interactive reports 23% of adults say they pay bills late (and incur fees) because they lose them.
  • The Self Storage Association estimates that there are almost 40,000 self-storage facilities in the U.S., and the demand for them doubled from 1994-2004.
  • Americans waste more than 9 million hours each day looking for lost and misplaced articles.
  • The average office has 19 copies of the same document.
  • About 25% of workers save things in piles instead of files.
  • Time spent on mishandling paperwork detracts from a company's ability to service customers, increase sales and improve the bottom line.
  • About 80% of your home clutter is a result of disorganization, not lack of space.


Pam Carlson created Ready-Set-Organize! to help you reinstate a sense of order and simplicity in your home and office. Pam has nearly 25 years experience in facilities management, project management and administration. In her various positions, she developed systems and procedures to ensure that the projects would run smoothly, under budget and on time. These are skills that she now shares with you in order to streamline your home and your personal space to achieve your goal: a simplified life with more free time to do the things that inspire you.

Pam will work closely with you to develop a system that will work for you, your home and your lifestyle. You will be inspired by Pam's positive spirit and her commitment to living organized.

In addition to her business, Pam runs a well-organized household in Morristown, New Jersey. In her free time, she practices yoga and enjoys working out, hiking, cooking and spending time with friends and family.

Pam is a proud member of NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers), Neighborhood Networking Group, Ladies Lunch, and the Morris County Entrepreneur's Association.

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P.O. Box 32 - New Vernon, NJ 07976 - Phone: 973.818.4728

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