Before hiring Pam, my apartment truly looked like the 20 plus years I had been living in it. There was so much clutter, and those of you who live in an apartment in New York City know how valuable your living space is. Pam immediately came up with a comprehensive plan of action and within two weeks she gave me my "new" apartment back. It was incredible! To think that I was at the point of contemplating looking for a new space.

Wayne M.
New York, NY

Over a year ago, we renovated our kitchen but were unable to complete our pantry, because we couldn't figure out a way to maximize it's potential. To make do, we used an old dresser to store our pantry items. Let's just say we couldn't find a thing.

Not only was Pam able to maximize a very awkward space, but she positively influenced my three-year old. My daughter is amazed by Pam and asks us to open the pantry door just so she can say..." did she do that???" Immediately after Pam left, my daughter went straight to her room and started organizing her room! Thanks Pam for not just organizing my life, but for helping to set a good example!

Angela H.
W Orange, NJ



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